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Birthdate:Sep 21
Location:United States of America
I'm a Virgo, so a bit of a perfectionist (aka, pain in the butt). I am married with two boys; this is the first (& only) marriage for both my DH & myself. Our boys are 14 and 9, and are, of course, smart and talented!

I have wanted to be a writer since I was 10 years old and now write fan fiction in an effort to hone my writing skills; I also act as a beta writer both here and on On, I have posted over a dozen stories. I would post more on LJ communities, but have technical difficulties with the way multi-chap stories are to be posted. I am considering starting a community for my fics to make it easier.

I worked for over twenty years as a waitress, despite my BA in English, and after a year of selling Avon on the side, quit my job; now, I only sell Avon and train new Avon reps. It's because of the free time that Avon has allowed me that I can write as much as I do now. My dream goal is to have my name on the front cover of many, many books.

Currently, I live in Orlando, Florida, but was born and raised in New England and would move back in a heart-beat if finances allowed. I miss having four distinct seasons, and yes, I even miss snow (although I don't miss ice!). I miss the mountains, the rivers, the lakes you can jump into without chancing alligator attack, the lawn you can walk on without worry about fire ants...

Many thanks to [info]wastingyourgum for the lovely Allan-with-two-swords Lj icon. Many other RH characters available on her journal!
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